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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Are Your Thanksgiving Day Memories?

I saw a post on Etsy about Thanksgiving Day meals gone wrong and I immediately started thinking about Thanksgiving's Past. Ahhh....Good times, good times. I can't think of any really except the time I cooked the turkey upside down and didn't notice it until I put it on the table and thought "Wow! this turkey doesn't have much meat on it and it looks kind of funny." Thanksgiving gets hidden in a flash as the upcoming Christmas season barrels it's way through. I will always remember though waking up on Thanksgiving to the sound of the Thankgiving Day Parade and the smell of sauteed mushrooms permeating up through the heater vents (mind you I despise mushrooms and the thought of these along with the giblets and turkey neck added to the stuffing made my head spin).

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  1. Lol! That's funny...memories like that are great! We had a pumpkin pie that was cooling slide off the rack...straight into the sink!!

    Good thing we'd made 2 pies!

    Found you through the etsy forums.

    Here's my latest....Veteran's Day blog...come read!

    I love comments and new followers!