~Pablo Picasso

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Green Tea For The Body and Soul

Green Tea
 Hot or cold....love it!

Here's an inexpensive way to use Green Tea for your body on the outside too. After steeping the tea bag in a cup of hot water for your tea, squeeze out the water and gently rub on your face as you would a cleansing cloth. Being careful not to break open the bag unless you want a bunch of green tea bits stuck to your face.

After you use it as a facial scrub open the tea bag and empty the green tea bits onto a plate, let dry in the sun and scoop into a glass jar. Use the dried green tea leaf bits in any soap or recipe for an all over body exfoliator.

Having to live frugally makes for creativity:)

P.S. I have read using tea bags on your skin can start to leave a sun kissed glow from the tea stain. That's a healthy alternative. Can't hurt to try, right?