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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Blame It On The Rain" From Blog Post Past

Man!!!!! I can not stand picking up the boys from school on rainy days. Today wasn't just rainy it was torrential! Believe it or not I've only had to pick them up in the van a handful of times this whole school year due to the rain. We live a couple blocks from the school so we walk mostly even if it's showery but today it wasn't....it was torrential! That's my new word for the day "Torrential"! Anyhow, I head over 25 minutes early to get a good parking spot, back our big ole' bus (12 passenger van I mean) in so that I can just pull out forward instead of being stuck in the parking lot for minutes on end trying to back out with the boys telling me to "Go Mom" when I can't because no one really lets you go. Everyone wants to get out of there first. So we get inside wait for the kinders to get out of class, wait for Devin and Chase to get out, wait to walk out because the halls are so crowded.....all the parents seem to stand right in the middle of the hallway. Drew darts off thinking we are going out the front of the building and I can't see him. He is proud and determined to walk like a big boy out the doors. I can't grab him because well.... all the parents are in the middle of the hallway! I take off because he is one fast 2 1/2 year old and remember he is proud and determined :). As I make my way running through the maze in the hallway I practically bowl down a few parents and students. Yes!! I grab him right as he is pushing his way out the front doors. Meanwhile I find my 3 others wandering the halls heading out towards the bus (I mean van). Drew is slowly building up tantrum momentum. As I pick him up crying and kicking I am silently starting to have a nervous breakdown (in my head of course) while being calm, cool and collected on the outside. Yeah me! That's very important to us Moms to look calm, cool and collected you know. Got everyone to the van, get in, towel dried (exaggerating), buckled, hand gelled (yes, hand gelled) and drive the long 30 second drive home. Stupid rain.


  1. Hopefully it won't be raining for too long :)

    I had to take a breather after reading that, awesome, did you guys have hot chocolate when you got back :) T.

  2. I know, right:) Total run on sentences LOL and yes we did!

  3. What a day! Your little ones sound wonderful, and I'm sure you have plenty to keep you busy!

    We had a big old thunderstorm ourselves last night. Sending you good weather vibes!